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ESET Global Threat Report for November 2010

ESET's Global Threat Report for November 2010 has just been released. In this report, ESET highlights the annual affair of scammers scamming unsuspecting netizens during the holiday season. ESET provides several tips on how to be safe while shopping online. Urban Schrott, Cybercrime Analyst at ESET Ireland wrote

"Why is Christmas one of the jolliest seasons for cybercriminals? Because this is the time when the most money is spent online in the shortest time, and there are many opportunities for them to make themselves a hefty Christmas bonus as a reward for the other malicious activities they've been busy with throughout the year. And they are actually immoral enough to steal even from Santa! "

The top ten threats for the months are listed and briefly explained to provide readers some insights of the threats. 

The complete article can be downloaded from this link. Download