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ESET Global Threat Report for September 2010

ESET has just released the Global Threat Report for September 2010. In this report, ESET highlight a new worm using age old techniques. Urban Schrott, Cybercrime Analyst at ESET Ireland wrote

"Just when we thought the most basic social engineering worms were a thing of the past, and that both users and service providers were beyond significant problems with such pests, a good old-fashioned mail massmailer gave us reason to pause in just a few days of early September. I am, of course, talking about the recent occurrence of the variants of so called “Here you have” virus, known as Win32/Visal to ESET."

The Stuxnet revelations and speculation continues to be a focus and the threat Report provides readers with a high level explanation of this malware which has everyone talking.

The top ten threats for the months are listed and briefly explained to provide readers some insights of the threats. 

The complete article can be downloaded from this link. Download